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Golf Courses in the Hakone Valley

Hakone made a perfect natural canvas for golf course architects and designers to practice their craft, and practice they did! All the best up and coming Japanese designers of the era played a part. Notables being M. Otani a British educated CH. Alison protégée, Shiro Akaboshi and H. Asaka who all played key parts in helping the budding Japanese golf industry become what we now enjoy today.


Hakone Golf Course Map

The first course built in the valley was the Fujiya Hotels Sengoku Golf Club constructed in 1917 making it the third oldest course in Japan after Kobe (1902) and the Yokohama golf club (1906). The site lent its self so well to the golf courses design that they only needed to move slight amounts of soil, making minimal changes to the landscape. With a fresh natural spring filled lake for a water source, even the grass feels happy.

A List of all Golf Courses in the Hakone area (alphabetically):

Hakone Golf

Golfing in Japan - How to educational video

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